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Cisco Unified Communications Backup Software

October 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Hi All

I have had a lot of questions surrounding the backup process required for Cisco Unified Communications software including Communications Manager, Unity Connection and Presence.

Each of these pieces of software require an SFTP location to backup to. There are a number of SFTP software applications out there but one that I use all the time during deployments and implementions is by CoreFTP called mini-sftp-server.

CoreFTP have developed a mini FREE version of there server based product and this is great for quickly and easily backing up the CUCM, UCXN or Presence server you have just deployed and ensures all of the configuration settings created are backed up.

The software is easy to use just run it up and enter a Username, Password and Location for the backup files and click start, you now have a portable SFTP server. Just reflect these credentials into your Cisco CUCM, UCXN or Presence servers to complete the process. Please ensure that you have all your desktop firewalls etc turned off as these can sometimes interfere with the connection process

Please note: As a permanent backup solution it is always best to install a fully featured licensed SFTP server application, however the software discussed here is ideal for completing a quick and convenient backup of these solutions

Below is a link and a screenshot of this software



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