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Where Has My Call History Gone!!!

October 21, 2011 1 comment

Hi All

So you have completed an upgrade to CUCM 8.x from a previous version and you have now found that all of your Missed Calls, Placed Calls and Received Calls are all missing since the upgrade.

Starting with CUCM 8.x Cisco introduced a new Security feature called ITL (Initial Trust List) files, which when upgrading from a previous version of CUCM or migrating from a different cluster can cause issues, one of which is loosing your previously recorded directory lists.

More info on Security and ITL files

If you encounter this problem there are a couple of things you can do to resolve, one is to manually delete the ITL file from each of the phones. Yes I know this could be time consuming by if you dont have too many phones deployed in the environment then this could be an option. Also please note there could be some other factors involved regarding this so read the link above for my information…

To delete the ITL files manually complete the following on the common phone models below

79XX – Settings > Security > Trust List > ITL File > **# (to unlock the settings) > Erase
89XX/99XX – Settings > Administrator Settings > Reset Settings > Security Settings

So if your deployment is quite large and a manual change on each phone is not really an option there is a great piece of software called PhoneView by Unified FX (

Check this software out, amongest all its other features the software can remove the ITL files from the Cisco IP Phones in bulk plus many others

Below is a screenshot of the software


The Voice Man

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