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IP Traffic Exporting CUBE

November 28, 2014 Leave a comment

Hi All

Ever wanted to capture all traffic for a voice call on an interface on a CUBE

Below are the commands required to capture the info, it can then be opened in Wireshark for troubleshooting.

ip traffic-export profile <name> mode capture

interface <interface>
ip traffic-export apply <name> size 20000000

traffic-export interface <interface> clear
traffic-export interface <interface> start

Make test call

traffic-export interface <interface> stop
traffic-export interface <interface> copy ftp:



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Clear Hung/Stale calls on CUBE

November 27, 2014 Leave a comment

Hi All

Have implemented several SIP services recently from all carriers and have found that sometimes the calls either don’t end correctly or some SIP call legs drop off…..

When this occurs the CUBE does not correctly remove these call legs and we end up with hung calls or stale calls on the CUBE.

If you have the “Max Connections” command configured you may find that these hung/stale calls will add to the total therefore hitting the “Max Connections” earlier than expected.

To check this run the following command

sh call active voice summary

Telephony call-legs: 0

SIP call-legs: 4

H323 call-legs: 0

Call agent controlled call-legs: 0

SCCP call-legs: 0

Multicast call-legs: 0

Total call-legs: 4

You can also use the following two commands to view the details of the calls

sh rtp call

show sip calls

Use the “called” number from the show commands given above and use the “clear call voice” command to clear the hung calls towards the ISP network with the Call ID and Cause Code Value of the hung call:

Clear Call Voice command: To clear one or more voice calls detected as inactive because there is no RTP or RTCP activity, use the clear call voice command in EXEC or privileged EXEC mode.




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Viewing CUCM Trace Files and CUBE Debugs

November 25, 2014 Leave a comment

Hi All

Thought I would post this up as I have been using this tool for ages now and assumed that most people know about it.

The TranslatorX tool is an awesome tool for viewing Debugs from a CUBE or loading in Trace files from RTMT for a CUCM issue, it clearly outputs line by line the debugs and traces and you can even load a folder containing multiple files all at the same time.

Try it out, great tool and best of all it is free……



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CUBE Configuration Example

May 14, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi All

Great link to a sample CUBE configuration from Cisco for integrating with CUCM

Check it out

CUBE Configuration Example


The Voice Man

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