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IP Traffic Exporting CUBE

November 28, 2014 Leave a comment

Hi All

Ever wanted to capture all traffic for a voice call on an interface on a CUBE

Below are the commands required to capture the info, it can then be opened in Wireshark for troubleshooting.

ip traffic-export profile <name> mode capture

interface <interface>
ip traffic-export apply <name> size 20000000

traffic-export interface <interface> clear
traffic-export interface <interface> start

Make test call

traffic-export interface <interface> stop
traffic-export interface <interface> copy ftp:



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Viewing CUCM Trace Files and CUBE Debugs

November 25, 2014 Leave a comment

Hi All

Thought I would post this up as I have been using this tool for ages now and assumed that most people know about it.

The TranslatorX tool is an awesome tool for viewing Debugs from a CUBE or loading in Trace files from RTMT for a CUCM issue, it clearly outputs line by line the debugs and traces and you can even load a folder containing multiple files all at the same time.

Try it out, great tool and best of all it is free……



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