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Enterprise License Manager (ELM) – Insufficicent Licenses

November 25, 2014 Leave a comment

Hi All

It’s been awhile

So had an interesting one yesterday

A customer had an issues with licensing, they only had a temp license installed for a CUCM 9.1.2 installation and the grace period for applying the permanent license had expired.

What does this mean? Well they were not able to make any changes in the CUCM environment , it locked it down.

The permanent license was activated and applied but they realised that the amount of devices they had created were more than the permanent license amounted to, so they were still in the position of not being able to make changes even though the permanent license was there.

They ended up being about 7 devices over…………

So they have two options to sort this out, if you have gone over your licenses and can’t make any changes if you restart the CUCM Publisher once it is back up it gives you a 24hr grace period where you can make changes.

For this customer this would work so they could remove the additional 7 licenses and they would be back within there permanent license quota.

The other option if you do not want to restart and needed the issue sorted out straight away, you could request a temp license from Cisco Licensing and then apply this to the server, this would add to the existing permanent license and then allow you to remove the additional devices, once the temp license runs out you are back within you quota.



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